Hi, everybody.

Sorry for my bad english. I'm french canadian.

I have seen on many forum, that a system good or not will eventually fail. This fail, for me has for meaning that you overpass your bankroll for playing or you lose all your money. Two thing that nobody wish to happen.

In my system, it's possible to loose some bet, then i dont say that i never loose, but with in some kind or martingale, i still winning since a long time. (real money)

After how many bet or turn do you considering that a system look good? I played on a casino of state, when i believe they can be trust.

I'm around 10 000 turn or bet put on the table, and i'm still winning.



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Hello komaster,

thanks for asking in english, as my french is even worse!

As you mention, a roulette strategy with loss progression can fail on two possibilities:
- you don't have enough money to raise your bet
- you can't raise your bet because of the table / chance limit

Even more factors that need consideration if you think about the length of the test:
- the used chance, EC needs less than Single does
- the type of progression
- waiting for a pattern / bet every spin
- to be continued...

Here at the home of the roulette simulator, this is nearly academic,
as thousands of spins are a only matter of a few cents.

There are milestones mentioned in the literature, where numbers ofs spins are given,
but i do not want to repeat them as its not so easy - its just less probable.

regards, trizero


I'm around 10 000 turn or bet put on the table, and i'm still winning.


Even with 100 000 spins, is a win not granted!

Roulette is a bitch...


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Roulette is a bitch...
... seen on short bets.

If you play evenly and consistently, coincidence is your trusted friend.

Master your greed and you will succeed!